3D Wall panels
Are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to change the decor of your home? Nowadays you’ll see different types of wall decoration in the most prominent interior magazines using 3D wall panels. WallArt is the supplier of environmentally friendly wall panels that transform each room into an example of your unique own style. Read more about the possibilities of 3D wall panels.

Colorful trends for your home
Your own living and lifestyle choices make up your home, or the home you care for, with a very personel touch. The decor and the wall decorations in each room should fit the personality of the residents. As for the latest living trends, you’ll see that more and more people are using wall panels as room decoration. Also, by using relief panels made by WallArt – The Original Brand on just 1 feature wall in a room, you can make a statement. A very pleasant benefit of using this type of wall decoration is the fact that the panels can be painted. They are delivered in a neutral, natural color and can be adapted to the tones in your home as desired.

Environmentally friendly walls
In residential decoration and the latest home decor trends, we are increasingly seeing the use of natural materials. WallArt’s 3D panels are environmentally friendly. They are made from the pulp that remains after the production of sugar cane sugar. This is an innovation in the field of residential decoration, converting about three tons of fiber (a sugar reed byproduct) into a new material called Bagasse. WallArt then uses this natural material to manufacture wall panels that are durable. This allows you to follow the interior design trends without the use of chemicals and environmentally harmful substances.

Many different wall panel styles
With regard to choosing wall panels with a 3D effect, you have a huge choice in different designs. There are as many as 24 different designs available (at the moment), which allows you to create a beautiful wall with (for example) a wave effect. The compostable panels are odorless and are easy to attach to the wall. You can then choose to paint your self-made wall in an appropriate color. Do you want to change the color? Then you simply paint the wall again. These panels have been available since 2010 and the panels receive rave reviews from living and lifestyle experts, designers and DIY enthusiasts. When looking for a user-friendly way  to transform a plain looking wall into a true showpiece in your home, choose the WallArt – The Original Brand panels.