Deco Trends blog
The interior of your home is undoubtedly a matter that deserves all of your attention. Especially if your comfort, atmosphere and a sense of cosiness are important, you can benefit from being up to date with the latest trends in interior design to get the best out of your home. The following tips will give you an idea of the latest living trends and enable you to get more out of your home!

Go green
Who doesn’t like a green indoor environment? Use different natural materials to create a true ‘urban jungle’ feel in your home. Choose plants and position them at different heights to create a fun look. Choose a nice plant hanger or a stand, or install a small greenhouse in the living room! This way your interior will not only be more beautiful but also healthier!

If you are not so fond of plants then there are other ways to add a piece of nature to your home. For example, you can paint a wall dark green to create a botanical atmosphere or choose a piece of furniture painted in the same shades. Add a number of botanical prints and you’ll be right in the middle of nature!

Terracotta is a new indoor decorative trend
Terracotta elements can undoubtedly count as a beautiful example of the current  trends, which – let’s be honest – are daring and can not be implemented in the interior in every home. Flower pots and tiles are often available in this color, but you can also use many terracotta pieces indoors. Choose from various accessories in an earthy tone to create a relaxed, natural and cozy atmosphere!

Adding cork accessories to your home
Natural cork is another example of a living and lifestyle trend that is very much alive this year. The material contributes to a warm atmosphere in the house and comes in countless different designs for home decoration. Whether you want a cork stool, a desktop or a side table, everything is possible. In addition, you can choose a whole feature wall in cork, but this may only be an option for true daredevils!

Traveling down south with Ibiza home decorations
Finally, many people choose to add a Mediterranean touch to their interior in a striking Ibiza style. For example sunny and light interiors with pillows and plaids in natural colors, shells and a cool beachy look are very popular. The macramé knot technique is also part of this style, used in hangers and wall drapings.

Of course it’s up to you how far you want to take the Ibiza living style. If you prefer to tone it down a bit, choose a natural color for prints (like browns or greens). However, if you want to create a more striking look, choose colors such as orange or even purple!